You Want to Build a Social Enterprise...

But Have Become Overwhelmed by the Unlimited Resources Available to You as a Social Entrepreneur and need a better grasp on the financial aspect of your business.

  • You don’t know where to start to plan out financials

  • When you think about pricing out your product or service you are lost

  • You feel uneasy by the lack of structure in your financials

Imagine If...

Someone gave you the entire financial blueprint to setup a sustainable Social Impact Business

Imagine if someone gave you the shortcuts to allow you to make an impact in more lives without stumbling through creating a business. SEA Change has the blueprint and shortcut for you to dive in and start impacting people quickly!

You could definitely figure this all out on your own but it will cost you lots of time, research, mistakes and trial and error. 

The SEA Change Online Financial Course you have a system and the resources to pair up with your hard work and create the business of your dreams!

Check out the SEA Change Online Financial Course and get ready to Be The Change!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Module 1: Financial Concepts & Modeling
    • Welcome!!
    • Financial Concepts
    • Non-Profit v. For-Profit
    • Cost Structure
    • Revenue
    • Cash Flow
    • Financial Concepts & Modeling Resources
    • Assignment: Financial Model
    • Submit Your Documents For Expert Review
  • 2
    Module 2: Financial Projections
    • Financial Projections
    • Pricing & Sales
    • Impact
    • Financial Evaluation
    • Financial Model v2
    • Submit Your Documents For Expert Review
  • 3
    Module 3: Financial Decision Making
    • Financial Decision Making
    • Financial Evaluation
    • Operations and Sales
    • Key Financial Statements
    • Assignment: Financial Model v3
    • Assignment: Module 3
    • Submit Your Documents For Expert Review
  • 4
    Module 4: Financial Leadership
    • Financial Leadership
    • Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”) & Dashboards
    • Financial Goal Setting
    • Sustainability & Risk Management
    • Financial Leadership Resources
    • Assignment: Your Financial Dashboard
    • Submit Your Documents For Expert Review
    • End of the SEA Change Online Financial Course

Hear What Our Alumni Are Saying:

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"SEA Change was instrumental in helping us transition from a loosely formed team into getting the right foundation in place to test and launch our venture.”

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“SEA Change was an awesome resource that helped create a pathway (literal steps to follow) in moving a business forward. It's extremely helpful for those who did not have previous formal entrepreneur/business training.”

Are You Ready to Be the Change?

For $587 you can get your entire Social business financials structured and set up to start making a big impact!! You will also receive our expert feedback and support throughout the entire program. Remember, this program is for individuals and organizations for whom their measurable social impact is non-negotiable. The SEA Change Online Financial Course will help you solidify that impact and create a path toward financial sustainability, so you can affect as many lives as possible!
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