You Want to Build a Social Enterprise...

But Have Become Overwhelmed by the Unlimited Resources Available to You as a Social Entrepreneur.

  • You don’t know where to start.

  • When you talk to people about your socially-minded idea, they just “don’t get it?”

  • You feel deflated by the lack of direction.

Imagine If...

Someone gave you the entire blueprint to setup a sustainable Social Impact Business?

Imagine if someone gave you the shortcuts to allow you to make an impact in more lives without stumbling through creating a business. SEA Change has the blueprint and shortcut for you to dive in and start impacting people quickly!

You could definitely figure this all out on your own but it will cost you lots of time, research, mistakes and trial and error. 

With The SEA Change Online Course, you have a system and the resources to pair up with your hard work and create the business of your dreams!

Check out the SEA Change Online Course and get ready to Be The Change!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Module 2: Human Centered Entrepreneurship
    • Human Centered Entrepreneurship
    • Defining Your Target Customer
    • Assignment: Target Customer
    • Creating Your Customer Profile
    • Assignment: Customer Profile
    • What is a Value Proposition?
    • Venture's Value Resources
    • Assignment: Value Proposition Canvas
    • Assignment: Talk to Your Customers

Complete the Entire Program and Receive Additional Benefits

Are you ready to commit to the full SEA Change experience? Sign up for all of the sessions at once at you will:

  • Receive a 10% discount!

  • Ensure you don’t miss a single step!

  • Join our alumni network – a private social media group of others just like you. Lean on them for support, networking, and opportunities as you build your business!

Hear What Our Alumni Are Saying:

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"SEA Change was instrumental in helping us transition from a loosely formed team into getting the right foundation in place to test and launch our venture.”

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“SEA Change was an awesome resource that helped create a pathway (literal steps to follow) in moving a business forward. It's extremely helpful for those who did not have previous formal entrepreneur/business training.”

Are You Ready to Be the Change?

For $1250 you can get your entire Social business structured and setup to start making a big impact!! Remember, this program is for individuals and organizations for whom their measurable social impact is non-negotiable. SEA Change Online will help you solidify that impact and create a path toward financial sustainability, so you can affect as many lives as possible!
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